Willow Smith is no stranger to fashion criticism. But this time, it seems, the criticism has taken a turn to the serious—two words loathed by real fashion heads: knock off.

It’s been alleged that the “Whip My Hair” songstress wore a knock-off of a Mother of London leather buckled arm sheath to the “American Music Awards.”

Mother of London lead designer, Mildred Von Hildegard, was interviewed by Haute Macabre and commented, “I’m disappointed and saddened that this will negatively impact my business.” Hildegard continues, “My original design is now recognized in the mass media as someone else’s work, and it’s very hurtful on both a personal and personal level. I hope this can be resolved, and I wish nothing but the best to Willow.”

People are directing their questions to Mariel Haenn, Rihanna’s stylist who was directly enlisted to help create Willow’s public image, and called out for ‘borrowing’ before. But Haenn quickly denied her involvement in the style choice on Twitter tweeting, “Just an fyi, we only dressed Rihanna last nite. I don’t like when people try to credit me for work that’s not mine #justsayin.”

According to Fashionista, Haenn took a step further to clear her name by emailing Coilhouse magazine stating, “To be honest, I have no idea who ‘styled’ her or the designer. Wish I did. I don’t ask my clients who they used when I’m not available.”

Just Jared reports that the stylist and designer in question is Brea Stinson, a New York-based stylist credited for working with Raheem DeVaughn and Keri Hilson.

What do you think about the designer infringement? Sound off!

–Geneva S. Thomas

  • http://thegleemanifesto.wordpress.com Maroushka

    This is an ongoing issue in the fashion world, copyright infringement seems more commonplace here than any other design avenue. Usually a segment of a design is used as ‘inspiration’ and the rest filled in by the imagination. But this is outright copy pasting. Any designer worth their salt wants to be known for being original and not a copy cat so this action is more than worrying and obviously hurtful to the designer. On the brighter side, more exposure for Mother of London’s brand.

  • Melody

    Big deal. Both are a hot ass mess and need burning.

  • Fuchsia

    Why am I not surprised to hear that Keri Hilson’s stylist was behind this mess? I feel bad for the original designer. I hope she can get it resolved.

  • Cindy

    I think it should be made clear that Willow’s stylist is to blame and not Willow herself. She’s only a child people need to chill.

  • Vixenlibra

    She is too young for this to even be a big deal in the first place. Just let it go.

  • Alexandra

    I agree. The designers should take that up with each other. I’m sure she didnt even know. No need to criticize her.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/OrganicLover87 a/n

    Willow is not to blame here. Its her stylist. In the world of fashion, this should have been dealt with privately. Copying someone work (whether if its clothes, handbags, music & etc) is common. People do it all the time. If this woman’s work is not copyrighted or patented of course someone will take that style & use it.
    I honestly do not like this style at all. I wouldn’t even DARE show up to an event or awards show in that outfit.
    If willow needs a new stylist please fire the one who dressed her in this photo because its not only the outfit that gets me but the tacky boots she’s wearing. The boots are bigger than her! lol It doesn’t work for her at all.

  • Sherrie

    hahahahaha, I agree—I think this child needs to be reeled in, what’s she going to wear when she grows up!

  • Stone

    who cares? you are nobody until you are bootlegged.
    she ought of be happy cause people are talking about the brand regardless. That thing is ugly anyway, lol.