With the brand’s recent expansion to cultural epicenter, Dubai, Beyoncé’s House of Dereon line is gaining momentum. Dereon shoes recently made its Web debut, and we have an early look!

Dereon’s Spring 2011 presents a small collection of shoes. With reasonable prices likely to range from $45 to $75, you can’t beat that for a trendy pair of shoes with the Knowles stamp!

Looks include a tan bandage strappy look, a Palomino open-toe pump in black and white, a white and chrome studded shoe, and the summer staple gladiator studded sandal in tan.

What do you think about Dereon Spring 2011 Shoes? Sound off!

–Geneva S. Thomas



  • http://singaturestyle.blogspot.com/ Sing

    I like it. The nude and white are my style.

  • http://www.ishea.blogspot.com South Loop Social Light

    The nude heels are cute… and I could maybe work the sandals… but the other 2 heels are atrocious lol

  • http://www.stylishcurves.blogspot.com Alissa

    The nude sandals are cute, but the rest of those shoes look like you can get them at your local pretty girl shops in NYC.

  • Fuchsia

    I wouldn’t wear any of these, but if I had to choose I would go with the nude ones.

    …Is anyone else thinking Baby Phat replacements, or is it just me?

  • LaTigresse

    Sucks that the ”nude” ones are not the right shade of nude…

  • Bronze

    LMAO……… right shade of nude…..

    Dang Bey! You didn’t get our black girl nude memo? We only spent 5 hot summer nights discussing that there is no one generic nude color.

    And for all you who love the nude shoes, be careful of those stretchy bands that hug the front of your hell. they can be hell if they are too tight.

  • Melody

    Beyonce is a fucking Monkey. Nude.. where? Stupidness.

  • http://vivid-liveincolor.blogspot.com/ sun.kissed

    I like the tan ones, the others are exactly what I expect from the line though…cheap.

  • Diane

    Everyone’s fave fashion guru, Tim Gunn, mentioned this in his book: “Beige dresses things down. Really, a good rule is no beige after five. If it’s after five, people call it “nude,” but that’s not in my vocabulary because it’s a racist color name. Depending on what your skin tone is, that beigy color may or may not be nude.”

    When I read this, I was like oh snap! I’m not exactly a fashionista, so this never occurred to me. How YOU doin’, Tim Gunn?

  • Sherrie

    I agree with the first half of your comments–I think ALL OF this line is simply ugly!

  • Sherrie

    The language wasn’t necessary–let’s elevate our intelligence!

  • Melody

    Re-evaluate who`s intelligence, sorry? You don`t know a thing about my level of intelligence. Just because I swore it shows lack of intelligence? Lol. You are very bored or very dull minded yourself.

  • LaTigresse

    I know, I got the memo! I meant that she shouldve done a couple of shades of ”nude” with theses shoes if it was the look she was going for with that design because that shade certainly won’t be ”nude” on my skin! More like beige!


    all the shoes look cheap! cheap cheap no bueno!