ON TO THE NEXT SHOE: We’re Over Red Soles - Coco & Creme

The allure of the Christian Louboutin red sole has women in America under a spell. Every since Carrie Bradshaw pranced around Paris in the final season of “Sex and the City,” the coveted shoe nearly trumped Manolos Blahniks quickly becoming the new society “it” shoe.

You can’t go to any major city in America without trendy women clicking around their own metropolis leaving tracks of crimson on downtown pavements.

But my God, we’re over it! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I won’t be throwing away my Louboutins anytime soon. Will I purchase another pair? I doubt it.

Ladies, it’s time to move on and forward. Say it with me…ON TO THE NEXT SHOE!

Join in with us and officially toss the trend. There are scores of other pumps, and stilettos just as scrumptiously sexy. We rounded up a collection of the latest looks perfect for Fall, and likely to send us all into a Louboutin sabbatical.

Take it from COCO, these shoes are next!

Nicholas Kirkwood, $900, Farfetch.com
Brain Atwood, $1,050 Saks Fifth Avenue
Rachel Roy, $99 Rachel Roy.com *C+C Steal!
Ron Donovan, $695 Eleven Couture
Alexander Wang, $775, Farfetch.com
Sandali Cesare Paciott, $695, Brownsfashion
Camilla Skovgaard,$356, Net-A-Porter *C+C  Steal!
Sergio Rossi, $695 Shop The Shoe Box

–Geneva S. Thomas

  • http://socialitedreams.wordpress.com vonnie

    LOOOVE the Sandali Cesare Paciott, but the link is to a video, not the shoe :-/ Those are my favorite ones 😀

  • Coco and Creme

    Fixed! Thanks Vonnie!

    xo C+C

  • http://singaturestyle.blogspot.com/ Sing

    Yes to the Rachel Roy grey platforms with the braiding down the back. The price rocks too!

  • caribbelle

    Like any fad, they’ve had their time. I believe in buying quality at a reasonable price if possible. Some shoe are made well and some are just the brand name. Everyone has to find their own fit!

  • Alexandra

    Wow look at those prices. Rachel Roys has the best price, but I never paid $100 for shoes.

  • sloane

    all the shoes are still way too expensive for me, but i do think there is a ridiculous obessesion with louboutins. like that godawful song jennifer lopez made. i actually think that song helped louboutins jump the shark, lol.

  • Anon

    Who ever thought that Louboutins were the only shoe out there? Probably only people who take their fashion cues from rap songs…

  • Anon

    I still love Loubis, but thats because I don’t let Jay-z tell me which designer items to buy.

  • Anon

    Love Jay-z, though…

  • Tiffany W.

    I would have liked to see more affordable shoes myself. Jessica Simpson had some must haves last season (Dany). BCBGirls never disappoints me. And Dolce Vita are my Louboutins.

  • j

    Thank God for this post! It was bound to happen. Any unwealthy person who pays $700 for a pair of shoes is pretty pathetic. I never understood why !! Shoes are NOT clothes.. once you walk on that red sole.. they look run down! I can’t see why anyone would pay that much for a pair shoes! It is ridiculous. Sometimes we are too caught up on superficial things -red bottoms ?? really??

    I rather travel than try to keep up with the Beyonces & Rihannas. Know your priorities, brown girls!.

  • binky

    I still love Christian Louboutin because to me he is the only designer that goes to large sizes in most of his shoe designs, the shoe designers listed upon always nearly stop at a certain size so I don’t check for there names or shoes. But there are great and wonderful shoes out there that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg and still sexy, stylist and cute

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