Fly: RIP Aaliyah – Inspired By: Rock the Boat – As we close the summer with the Labor Day weekend and start saying goodbye to our warm weather wardrobes let’s be inspired by Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat.” (Continue Reading @ Fly)

Beauty is Diverse: Cici Ali Ready Set Go Neiman Marcus – Cici Ali in the “Ready Set Go” catalog for Neiman Marcus. (Continue Reading @ Beauty is Diverse)

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In Her Shoes: Natischa Harvey: FEVER Shoes: In Her Shoes: What inspired the concept behind your footwear brand, Fever? Natischa: As we all know, talent is derived at a young age. I have always been fascinated with materials, textiles and colors. As a young girl I always had a sneaker fetish which then turned into stilettos as I continued to age. I think my talent, coupled with faith and determination launched the Fever brand. Once the concept was born, everything else fell into place. (Continue Reading @ In Her Shoes)

The Budget Fashionista: The Return of Gummy Bracelets: Fall Fashion 2010 – Remember back in the day when you couldn’t wait to go to the grocery store with your mom so you could scoop up a set of gummy bracelets from the candy machine? Well, the bracelets of our childhood are back (we told you fashion is about recycling old trends this year). So while the kids have their silly bandz, we have the updated gummy bracelet, with style enhancing additions like charms, ribbons, and even studs. (Continue Reading @ The Budget Fashionista)